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It’s been 10 years and the update on your Danzan Ryu Jujitsu teachings has finished. The Kodenkan Jujitsu Okugi®, in its 4th decade, founded by Profs. Kufferath and Janovich in 1993 started October 6-8 and was completed on November 5, 2023 with 50 Danzan Ryu Instructor Graduates.

Kodenkan Jujitsu Dojo Class Photo 2009

Based in Santa Clara, California, the Kodenkan Jujitsu School has taught self-defense for over 40 years in the greater San Jose area. The Kodenkan was founded by Prof. Sig Kufferath and Prof. Tony Janovich to pass on Danzan-Ryu jujitsu to those seeking a proven and practical street martial art.

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Sensei Marc Mandarich passed away on December 13, 2017.  Marc, we miss you here at the Kodenkan.


Prof. Tony Janovich teaches kiaijutsu in 2013
Prof. Tony Janovich teaches kiaijutsu in 2013

Classes are offered through the Santa Clara Recreation Center for both children and adults. Aspects of training include:

  • Self-discipline, awareness, and confidence
  • Detailed knowledge and instruction in techniques such as vital point striking, throwing, grappling, and joint locks

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Instructors of the Kodenkan, 2013, including Prof. Clive Guth
Instructors of the Kodenkan, 2013

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 Latest News

The kids demo team, with Sensei Kevin Sadeghian, assisting

The Kodenkan Jujitsu School’s kids class performed a demonstration at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival, with Prof. George Arrington being the MC.

In the demonstration, the kids showed techniques from rolling, falling, escapes, throws, defenses from punches, joint locks, defenses from weapon attacks, and advanced techniques. Great job, everybody!

Prof. George Arrington MC
Prof. George Arrington MC
Demonstrating a break fall (sutemi)
Demonstrating a break fall (sutemi)
Release from a wrist grab from a larger opponent
Release from a wrist grab from a larger opponent
tomoe nage throw
tomoe nage throw
ushiro nage - a rear throw
ushiro nage – a rear throw

Class Photo October 2018, Samantha promoted to shodan

Congratulations to Samantha on passing her black belt test and being promoted to shodan, first degree black belt! Well deserved!

Samantha receives her black belt

Samantha with the professors

Samantha with Prof. Tony Janovich

samantha throws an arm whip

Samantha had her black belt test for the rank of shodan. During this hour-long test, she was required to do all techniques she’s been tested on up to this point, as well as an entirely new board of advanced black belt techniques. Subsequently, three attackers repeatedly went after her until told to stop and she had to defend herself.

Her test was graded by Profs. Tony Janovich, Janice Okamoto, Clive Guth, and George Arrington.

jumping into an arm bar

Grading instructors, Profs. Clive Guth, Tony Janovich, George Arrington, and Janice Okamoto

drop down throw

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