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Kodenkan Jujitsu Dojo Class Photo 2009

Based in Santa Clara, California, the Kodenkan Jujitsu School has taught self-defense for over 40 years in the greater San Jose area. The Kodenkan was founded by Prof. Sig Kufferath and Prof. Tony Janovich to pass on Danzan-Ryu jujitsu to those seeking a proven and practical street martial art.

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Sensei Marc Mandarich passed away on December 13


Prof. Tony Janovich teaches kiaijutsu in 2013
Prof. Tony Janovich teaches kiaijutsu in 2013

Classes are offered through the Santa Clara Recreation Center for both children and adults. Aspects of training include:

  • Self-discipline, awareness, and confidence
  • Detailed knowledge and instruction in techniques such as vital point striking, throwing, grappling, and joint locks

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Instructors of the Kodenkan, 2013, including Prof. Clive Guth
Instructors of the Kodenkan, 2013

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AJJF 2018 Convention Professors and Instructors
AJJF 2018 Convention Professors and Instructors

The Kodenkan Jujitsu School attended the 2018 AJJF National Convention in Sacramento, CA. Profs. Tony Janovich, Clive Guth, and Tom Westfall taught classes on Yawara, Defensive Tactics, and Kiai Jutsu, as well as sharing stories about Prof. Sig Kufferath.

Thanks for having us! It was great to connect with everybody once again!

Yawara: The Most Important Board Class
Yawara: The Most Important Board Class
Defensive Tactics For Today's World Class
Defensive Tactics For Today’s World Class
Kiai Jutsu: Developing Your Power Class
Profs. Clive Guth, Tony Janovich, and Tom Westfall

Prof. Tony Janovich leading kiai developmental exercises in the kiai jutsu class

2017 Art and Wine Festival Demo Team

The Kodenkan Jujitsu School’s kids class gave a demonstration at the 2017 annual Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival at Central Park. The kids demonstrated self defense techniques including escapes, throws, joint locks, control holds, and more!

The demonstration was MC’d by Prof. George Arrington and preperation was under the direction of Profs. Clive Guth, George Arrington, and Sensei Guillermo Hernandez, Jr.

circle throw
shoulder throw
holding an opponent helpless with one foot
leg lock
drop throw



From Control to Knockout Class, 2017
From Control to Knockout Class, 2017

Professors Tony Janovich and Clive Guth taught a class on Yawara, “From Control to Knockout” at the 2017 American Judo & Jujitsu Federation in April.

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